Community Update

CCC Homeowners,
A number of homeowners attended the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, January 14 and several spoke about the issues and frustrations we have with Remington’s inability to complete our project successfully. The Trustees and Matt Magley, the Town Manager, all showed their support of our community by pointedly questioning Remington and their intent to finish the work to ours and the Town’s satisfaction. Thank you to all who spoke and attended. It has been a huge help in our efforts to show the Town and Remington the commitment of our community.

On Tuesday, January 15 the HOA Board had its first scheduled public meeting. The agenda was sent out to homeowners by Chad Rohr, our HOA manager the week before the meeting and the minutes will be posted on the 4 Seasons’ website after they are approved at the March BOD meeting. Some information that might be of interest:

  • The Board has communicated to both 4 Seasons and Metco that the snow removal done last week was sloppy, at best. Both are committed to making sure it doesn’t happen again. Please note: For liability reasons, workers will not shovel the area around a car that is parked in the driveway (roughly the area around that one lane of the 3 lane driveway). If you’d like your entire driveway cleared, please move cars parked in driveways to the street during a snow event that requires snow removal.
  • Ron Brave presented a proposal for tree maintenance (fertilization, watering and pruning). On Thursday the Board discussed the information and have made a decision to do fertilization in the Spring and winter watering of the new trees that were planted late summer of last year.
  • Paul Rudolph went through the neighborhood and checked the moisture in the soil of the trees. The new trees seem a good bit drier than the established trees.
  • The Board has decided to waive any late fees on HOA dues for the month of January and February to give homeowners time to set up payments through our new HOA management company and give the management company time to transfer account information into their system. Look for information on paying HOA dues further down in this email and in the communication that will be attached to your February invoice.
  • The Board is working on establishing a Landscape Committee to give oversight to our landscape services and make recommendations and suggestions to the Board and homeowners.
  • The Board Secretary will continue to send recaps of Board and Town meetings to keep homeowners up to date. A description of information that can be found on the 4 Seasons website in included further down in this email. This information will continue to be refined in the next couple of months.
  • The Board is researching, and will establish, a website domain for CCC usage to include a CCC website for homeowners’ use only (CCC events, service referrals, CCC map/directory and email list, etc.) and specific email addresses for HOA Board business. If you are interested in helping to assist with the website, please send an email to
  • Nancy Flaherty will resign from the Design Review Committee and the Board will send out an email looking for a replacement. It is not a job that requires a significant time commitment and is an easy way to perform a much-needed service to the community, so, please think about volunteering.
  • On Thursday, January 17 the CCC BOD met with Matt Magley, Superior Town Manager, and Regan Hauptmann, Steve Knoll and Guillaume Pouchot from Remington Homes to discuss the CCC “Punch List”. Each item on the Punch List was discussed. Drainage and landscape were discussed in great detail. The Town will perform an inspection of the property in the Spring and hold Remington accountable to complete the project according to plan. The Board is considering having a community meeting in the upcoming weeks to give homeowners an opportunity to share comments/questions/ideas on whatever topic(s) they would like to discuss.
  • An item that is actually not Board related: It has been suggested that more homeowners include phone numbers on the CCC map/directory. This would make it easier for neighbors to reach homeowners if there is a problem at their home, particularly if they are out of town. If you would like your phone number listed, please send an email to